About the Artist


Artist Statement

     In the creation of my art, I regularly shift between mediums and styles as I ask myself, “What is the best way to convey what is inside of me?” and I frequently switch between realism and abstraction in order to most accurately convey those innermost thoughts and emotions. Uniting my work in spite of the variation in style and medium is my emphasis on color and light. I pour myself into my art and by doing so, my art bears an unmistakable imprint of my soul.
    Rather than specializing in a medium, I am concerned with making the choice of medium and style suit what I am trying to convey in each specific work. For example, the brushstrokes and color I used in the portrait in the La Vida de Color series convey the life and self image of the subject while my use of black and white in the Red, Yellow, Blue series draw attention to the lighting present in each scene while also using my titles to suggest what color and mood are dominant in the scene. I continually seek to develop my skills in several mediums so that I can expand upon both my technical and creative abilities.
    My portfolio represents my progress thus far in conveying my soul through bold color and composition. The boldness and color of my work convey the energy and brightness of my personality. My colors, and sometimes lack thereof, are always carefully chosen to communicate my vision to the viewer.


    Sara Pezzella is an art teacher residing in Warren, MI. In the Spring of 2017, she graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Arts in Art. Some of her more notable achievements in art include participating in Artprize Eight and Artprize Nine, among other juried shows and publications. Miss Pezzella has an endless passion for experimentation which is driven by a love of color, light, and texture. Through her exploration of these concepts, Miss Pezzella seeks to convey her inner self and emotions.


2017            BA in Art, Hillsdale College (Cum laude)

Solo Exhibitions
2018            Eli Tea Bar July Artist of the Month, Birmingham, MI

Group Exhibitions
2017            Artprize, Grand Rapids MI
2017            Spring Student Show, Hillsdale College
2017            Overly Caffeinated: Senior Art Show by K Frank and S Pezzella, Hillsdale College
2017            iMotif, Sohn Fine Art Gallery, Lenox MA
2016            Alpha Rho Tau Member Show, Hillsdale MI
2016            ArtPrize, Grand Rapids MI
2016            Fall Art Around Town, Hillsdale MI
2016            Spring Art Around Town, Hillsdale MI
2016            Spring Student Show, Hillsdale College
2015            Fall Student Show, Hillsdale College
2015            Spring Student Show, Hillsdale College
2014            Fall Student Show, Hillsdale College

2017            The Hillsdale College Tower Light, Spring Issue
2016            The Hillsdale College Tower Light, Fall Issue
2015            The Hillsdale College Tower Light, Fall Issue
2015            The Hillsdale College Tower Light, Spring Issue

2016            Vanlandingham Memorial Art Excellence Scholarship
2015            Second Place, Spring Student Show, Hillsdale College